Debt Capital Raising – Specializing in Mid-Market Companies of All Industries

At Morrison Park Advisors, we help business owners, corporations, and boards of directors develop and assess alternatives for debt financing to fund acquisitions, capital programs, and refinancing of current debt arrangements.

Our highly efficient process is centered around funneling multiple lenders through a competitive marketing process that optimizes interest rates, lending terms, speed to close, and certainty of financing while minimizing the burden on management and/or sponsors. Once engaged, Morrison Park Advisors manages all aspects of the capital-raising process from initial diligence through final closing and funding.

Debt Capital Raising

What Is Debt Capital Raising

Debt capital raising, in layman’s terms, is a mode of capital raising that relies on the selling party offering debt to investors in exchange for immediate income. This money can be used for any number of uses like investing in new assets, funding an acquisition, and more. 

Debt capital raising comes in two forms: secured and unsecured. In addition to equity capital raising, debt capital raising is a reliable way for companies and other entities to shore up finances in the short-term.

The Benefits of Debt Capital Raising

With debt capital raising, you can raise money out of metaphorical thin air. Obviously, this money will be paid back in the form of interest to banks and financial institutions, but it allows that money to be used by your company in the short term.

Types of Debt Capital


Secured debt capital is debt capital that is tied to specific tangible or intangible assets. For banks, this type of debt is much more secure because of the collateral that can be used in the event of non-payment.


Unsecured debt capital, by contrast, is debt capital that has no collateral supporting it. Think of it as an “I.O.U” of sorts that businesses can hand to investors. Of course, unsecured debt capital is much more regulated than a simple I.O.U, but the basic principle stands. Banks are typically more reluctant to invest in unsecured debt, especially for companies lacking credit.

Choosing Our Services

Our debt capital raising services are specialized for mid-market companies in Canada and internationally. From developing a business plan to following through after capital is secured, our advisors can walk you through every step. 

Additionally, our services are backed by an in-house team of advisory professionals and our partnerships with IMAP and DNA Capital. As a result, we are able to provide well-informed reports and plans for our clients.

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Morrison Park Advisors offers debt and equity capital raising for Canadian and international mid-market companies. Contact our office today to receive more detailed information regarding our services!

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