Mergers and Acquisitions in Toronto, Canada and Abroad

Morrison Park Advisors proudly provide M&A consulting and advice to clients in Canada and abroad. Across all phases of the transaction, our M&A advisors guide our clients through uncertain and volatile circumstances. We help our clients by demonstrating the agility and commitment to respond to all challenges by developing highly customized strategies to bring organizations together through mergers and acquisitions and divestiture advisory services.

As experts in mergers and acquisitions, we use our relationships and networks to find opportunities and help negotiate on behalf of our clients. We advise on both sides of M&A transactions, representing either the “buy-side” or the “sell-side” of the transaction.

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What Are M&A Advisory Services?

Mergers and acquisitions is a general term that refers to various types of asset or company consolidation. Our list of M&A advisory services includes mergers, acquisitions, purchase of assets, and several other types.

The Difference Between a Merger and an Acquisition

As your M&A advisors, we’re able to provide the guidance you need to move forward accordingly. Given how much the words merger and acquisition are used, there is still a great deal of confusion or erroneous information surrounding them. While both terms refer to two companies joining, there are several differences to be aware of.

In a merger, two entities combine to create a joint organization with new ownership and management. These entities are often not too different in terms of size and market share.

Conversely, an acquisition (also referred to as a “takeover”) is often between a large company and a much smaller company. The end benefits of an acquisition are similar to that of a merger but aren’t necessarily a mutual decision. Rather, a large company may use its weight to influence the deal with a smaller company.

M&A Key Objectives

Regardless of the type of M&A you undergo, the services you use will focus on facilitating a deal beneficial to all parties. When you hire a consulting team, you get access to data analytics and business strategy advice that can guide the structuring of the transaction. 

Types of Mergers

Morrison Park Advisors has experience with all of the merger types listed below:

  • Conglomerate
  • Congeneric
  • Market Extension
  • Horizontal 
  • Vertical

Why Hire Us as Your M&A Advisory Team

Our professionals have years of experience with “buy-side” and “sell-side” transactions. We can easily provide M&A advice to clients all across various sectors of the market. Our team has facilitated transactions that appeal to all parties. We have a track record for fostering successful transactions that prove fruitful long after the deal is complete.

To support our services, we draw from strategic alliances with DNA Capital and IMAP to develop a regional and international scope for our services.

Find Out How Our M&A Advisory Team Can Help

In today’s market, mergers and acquisitions are a powerful way to expand market share and influence in any industry. Our professionals are ready to walk you through your next acquisition from beginning to end. Contact our team today to learn more about how our M&A consulting services can benefit you!

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