Sell-Side/Buy-Side Advisory Services in Canada and Abroad

Morrison Park Advisors specializes in sell-side and buy-side transactions in Canadian and international markets. At MPA, we staff analysts and managers with decades of experience dealing with complex, multi-faceted transactions. Our focus lies in small and mid-market businesses in our local region and beyond.

The Difference Between Sell-Side and Buy-Side


“Sell-side” refers to the side of the market dealing with the promotion and selling of traded securities. Entities use equity, debt, or hybrids to raise capital which is then used to support the company in various ways.


Conversely, “buy-side” refers to the side of the market that invests in securities with the aim of fund management. Buy-side entities invest in the market for short or long-term dividends and strategy.

Sell Your Business, Sell My Business

About Our Sell-Side Advisory Services

Our sell-side advisory services consist of planning and promoting securities in an effort to raise capital. Sell-side services are mostly handled by banks and advisory firms which facilitate sales. 

When companies are in need of raising capital quickly, like for a new factory or new product launch, they will typically sell debt or equity. Our associates have extensive experience in crafting attractive securities packages to raise capital and invigorate public and private businesses.

Our Buy-Side Advisory Services Explained

Our buy-side advisory services constitute marrying investors with securities that will bolster their portfolios. Common clients for buy-side services are asset management firms, hedge fund managers,  and individual investors. 

On the buy-side, the key is to maximize investments that will pay dividends and fit the overall goals of the company.

How We Advise For Both Sides

Our advisory team staffs Buy-Side and Sell-Side experts with decades of experience in myriad industries. We advise on both sides, giving us a rich, informed perspective on the intricacies and dialectics inherent in business transactions.

Choose Us To Sell Your Business

Whether you need buy-side or sell-side services, Morrison Park Advisors has the tools and expertise to guide your decisions. Contact us today to speak with a professional about your business needs.