Stephen Altmann

Managing Director

I am the “mining guy” at MPA and head up our mining practice.

I have been involved in the mining sector since the 1990s as an investment banker for Canadian and US Investment Banks and as a mining executive. Prior to that, I was a geophysicist and worked in the oil patch in Alberta. I have been and continue to sit on the Board of several mining companies and have been Chair of the Board, Chair of the Audit Committee and Chair of the Compensation Committee. 

What I like about working at MPA is that we all focus on giving the “right” advice and look for innovative ways to get a deal done. To me this means always ensuring the deal is in the best interests of our client’s shareholders, which sometimes mean structuring deals in a unique way to preserve capital, sometimes it means advising to pay a lower price or sometimes even walking away from a deal if necessary. This philosophy ensures we work with the highest integrity and uphold an excellent industry reputation.