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As a boutique investment bank, Morrison Park Advisors offers comprehensive coverage of services to mid-cap companies in Canadian and international markets. Our professionals have extensive experience in every industry and have an intimate understanding of the links between industries and market forces. 

In addition to our excellent in-house staff, we also partner with DNA Capital and IMAP to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to our advisory services. Through our unique structure, we can offer Canada’s best in banking and advisory services.

What Is Investment Banking?

Investment banking, in basic terms, refers to a division of banking focused on capital creation for entities like companies and governments. Boutique investment banks are directly involved in the underwriting of new securities with the goal of raising a certain amount of capital.

How Investment Banking Helps

Investment banking is crucial for businesses and other entities looking to raise capital in the short term. Investors are always looking for investments that provide the best return, so an investment banker can help structure attractive securities that investors will want. 

Types of Boutique Investment Bank Services


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Equity Capital Raising

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Debt Capital Raising

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Valuations & Fairness Opinions

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Restructuring & Business Continuity

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Why Choose Our Services

MPA has spent decades as a reliable, straightforward advisory team with a clear focus. Our expertise is best suited to owners of small and mid-cap companies and entities, but can be applied to other businesses as well. In tandem with our in-house staff, we also work closely with IMAP and DNA Capital to further expand our connections and information base. 

Additionally, our team is structured to avoid conflict of interests and provide as objective and comprehensive services as possible. Lastly, we tailor every single service to the customer. We begin our analysis of each client from the ground up to create a truly unique and tailor-made advisory product.

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Interpreting and acting on market forces may seem like a daunting task, but MPA is here to help guide the way. Not only do we offer Canada’s premier investment banking services, but we also educate our clients so they can make more informed business decisions. Contact us today to receive more information on our advisory services!