“MPA was an exceptional partner who earned the trust and respect of our board and transaction team as an independent financial advisor. They met tight timelines, actively engaged with the board and key parties to the transaction, and provided a thorough assessment of the fairness, from a financial point of view, of the consideration to be paid to SaskCentral.”

Shawn Good, CEO of SaskCentral

Boards of Directors, Special Committees, Trustees, Lawyers, Courts, and Regulators

When you agree to serve on a Board or act as a Trustee, you take on personal liability, especially when things get difficult. We understand that and are willing to go the distance to help mitigate risk and ensure the right outcomes.

Advisors from big banks and accounting firms are often concerned that they are seen as “deep pockets” and may become targets for post-advice litigation. This means that they are restrictive in the advice they are willing to give.

That’s where we come in – MPA is unmatched in our depth of analysis, expert opinion experience, and personalized understanding of clients’ nuanced needs – we go that extra distance to dig deeper, take our analyses further, and provide the opinions that the situation requires, rather than what we are “allowed” to say.

In litigation situations, or when a controversial financial issue is before a regulator, we provide expert reports and testimony based on our capital markets experience and financial expertise – something that big banks and accounting firms generally won’t do. Moreover, our ability and willingness to explain concepts and walk through the details of financial processes has meant that we have become relied-upon advisers for regulators and lawyers in the field.